Proposed Bridge Point Long Beach Project Will Remove Aging Oil Refinery, Build Modern Facility, and Create Hundreds of Local Jobs


September 19, 2019

Bridge Point Long Beach

A proposed $84 million project that will continue the revitalization of the Artesia Boulevard corridor in North Long Beach was approved by the City of Long Beach Planning Commission on Thursday, September 5, 2019.

Led by Bridge Development Partners, the project known as Bridge Point Long Beach will remove a 75-year old asphalt refinery at 2400 E. Artesia Boulevard, located at the southwest corner of Artesia and Paramount Boulevards. The project will also clean up the site, as substantial remediation began more than a year ago with current work underway.

Bridge Point Long Beach replaces aged refinery infrastructure with a state-of-the-art, sustainable 416,000-square-foot warehouse facility with 21,000 square feet of office space. The facility will have high-end architectural design and finishes, such as concrete panels in varying hues of gray and reflective blue-glazed glass, and sustainable features such as a solar-ready roof and more than 100 parking stalls with electric vehicle (EV) chargers or EV-ready infrastructure.

In addition to the investment in the site, Bridge Development will be providing $250,000 to support local community initiatives in North Long Beach, for programs that include arts, youth, civic engagement and revitalization in the area.
“The Bridge Point project creates a clean and modern gateway to the Paramount Blvd. industrial corridor, creating hundreds of new local jobs, and a new architectural standard for Artesia Blvd,” said Councilmember Richardson, District 9, Long Beach. “We congratulate Bridge Development’s leadership on such a transformative project and welcome their partnership to the Uptown community.”

“We’re very happy to have the opportunity to work with Councilmember Rex Richardson and his team to not only transform this site and continue the revitalization of the Artesia Boulevard corridor, but to serve as a long-term partner to the North Long Beach community,” said Brian Wilson, West Region Partner, Bridge Development Partners. “Bridge Development is committed to being an active and socially responsible partner in our communities.”

Bridge Point Long Beach is expected to create 500 permanent jobs and will prioritize local Long Beach residents for construction and operational jobs.

The project will also add more than 1,200 linear feet of new trees and landscaping on Artesia Boulevard and fund a new bike lane. This revitalization is a key focus for Councilmember Richardson and part of a strategic, citywide effort to attract more investment into North Long Beach to spur new restaurants, retail and neighborhood-serving amenities; improve infrastructure along major corridors like Artesia Blvd.; and enhance public services such as libraries and fire stations.

“This type of multi-million-dollar plan from a nationally recognized firm like Bridge Development Partners is the kind of investment that not only will dramatically improve the site of an outdated and blighted oil refinery but will serve as an important catalyst for future growth,” added Councilmember Richardson. “Over the last several years, it’s been exciting to see the renaissance in North Long Beach take place, and we want to ensure we continue to get the investment and attention we need for long-term economic prosperity.”

About Councilmember Rex Richardson
Long Beach City Councilmember Rex Richardson has represented the 9th Council District since 2014. During his tenure, he has served as Vice Mayor, Chair of the City Council Economic Development Committee, Long Beach Housing Authority, and regionally, as the First Vice President of the Southern California Association of Governments.

Councilmember Richardson has worked to shift the culture of City Hall to make it more inclusive and responsive to neighborhoods and small businesses, by leading the effort to revitalize North Long Beach with his “Roadmap to the Renaissance,” and launching the “Everyone In” Economic Inclusion Initiative to expand economic opportunity to Long Beach residents and small businesses. To learn more about Councilmember Richardson and the 9th Council District, visit