Will the Industrial Boom Continue? At Least Throughout 2022, Expectedly


April 5, 2022





But not all current users are related to e-commerce. Amazon has remained a big name in warehousing for the past few years, but Cook County maintains a diverse mix of tenants, according to Nick Siegel, Partner, Acquisitions at Bridge Industrial. In fact, Bridge in Chicago completed more than 10 leases in 2021—Amazon was just one of the 10.

“Amazon is still providing a boom to the industry,” Siegel explains, “and there are many indirect benefits of the growth of e-commerce, but not every one of our tenants is e-commerce related. We’ve worked with Visual Pak that specializes in food and chemical packaging; Duravant is a manufacturing company we did a lease with near O’Hare. There is a lot of e-commerce happening, but it’s a diverse market in terms of tenant use.”


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