Interview with Duo Bringing Big US Player to UK


November 19, 2020




United Kingdom
Chris Doloughty and Paul Hanley

Many of the big agency groups are represented on both sides of the pond and a number of developers and investors have operated in both markets for years, too.

One US company that is a major operator in its domestic market but a relative unknown in the UK is privately-owned industrial real estate firm Bridge Development Partners (BRIDGE).

That could be about to change. Earlier this month, the company, which focuses on last-mile logistics, brownfield redevelopment and cold storage assets, made its first foray into the UK market by opening a UK office.

Property Week caught up with partner and former Prologis vice president market office Paul Hanley and BRIDGE vice-president Chris Doloughty, who are heading the firm’s London office, to find out why the company chose now to cross the pond and what their aspirations are for the business.


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