Industrial Rents, Construction, Leases and More: What Happens Next?


April 28, 2020




Bridge Development Partners

Though it is nearly universally considered the strongest real estate sector, the COVID-19 crisis nonetheless has many wondering what the future hold for the industrial market. Last week, REjournals hosted a webinar to address that very question.

The speakers on the webinar included Corey Chase, senior managing director, Newmark Knight Frank; Alfredo Gutierrez, president and founder Sparrowhawk; Chris Moore, director of project development, FCL Builders and Ken Verne senior vice president asset management, Bridge Development Partners.

It may seem as if the pandemic has been going on for ages, however we are still very early in this crisis. There will be long-term impacts, but when it comes to construction project so far, it has been more or less business as usual—or as usual as can be expected.


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