How the I-55 Corridor is Shaping the New E-commerce Supply Chain (and Lining Industrial Landlords’ Pockets)


July 14, 2021





Rooftops. Population. Talent. These are just a few of the buzzwords you’ll hear developers and brokers mention when they talk about the I-55 corridor. And there’s a good reason for it. 

Running from downtown Chicago southwest out towards Bolingbrook and then further south to Bloomington/Normal, Springfield and beyond, I-55 provides a combination of easy access to Chicago population density, the sprawling industrial rooftops of Will County, and everything in between. And you’ve also got Midway airport, the Bedford Park Rail Yard and the CenterPoint Intermodal Center all within reach.  

It’s no wonder why I-55 has really become known as being one of the region’s main logistics and distribution corridors. Developers are building spec facilities at a feverish pace and yet tenants continue to line up to occupy these new Class A spaces along the route. 

“In Chicago, the focus tends to be on O’Hare, and O’Hare is ground zero for where institutions want to place money and where people want to be,” says Nick Siegel, Chicago Region Partner with Bridge Industrial. “But I-55 has a lot of the same dynamics as O’Hare: a good, modern highway system, access to labor, access to the city of Chicago, and access to rooftops.”


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