Breaking Down ESG in Commercial Real Estate

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ESG – environmental, social and governance – you’ve likely heard the letters. For investors, these non-financial factors are finding a place in the process of determining potential risk and growth opportunities.

So what is it exactly? And where do you begin? As Bridge Industrial LLC Northeast Region Partner Jeffrey Milanaik put it, recalling his own experience delving into the world of ESG, “we didn’t know what we didn’t know.”

“I was able to raise my hand and define the terms,” he said on Jan. 26, moderating a discussion with Kara Edmonson, senior director of ESG for Verdani Partners, and Kerry Reef, a director at Liberty Mutual Investments, as part of NAIOP New Jersey’s virtual 2022 Annual Meeting & CRE Outlook. “And then the conversation sort of stopped.”

And with ESG, especially now, it seems like keeping the conversation going is the best place to start. For Milanaik’s company, that included engaging Edmonson’s company (He began the discussion by disclosing his professional involvement with both panelists).


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