Bridge’s ESG goals and targets for a resilient future


Pursue LEED or BREEAM certification for all new developments

Pursue BOMA 360 Operational Certification for all operating assets

New Development Design Targets:

Design buildings to be 30% more efficient than the ASHRAE 2010 requirements

Reduce whole-building potable water use by 1/3

Reduce energy usage by 30%

Divert 50% of construction waste from landfill

Install 5 MW of solar capacity by 2025

Begin tracking embodied carbon data for new industrial developments

Maintain Carbon Neutral Primary Operations


Develop formal DEI Program

Perform 750 hours of community service in 2023

Achieve at least 75% active participation in Percent Pledge platform

Target 50% active participation in health & wellness challenges

Conduct annual tenant engagement survey and develop improvement plan based on findings


Achieve 60% utility data coverage by 2025 and 80% by 2027

Align with Science Based Targets Initiative by 2027

Pursue Green Lease Leaders Gold Recognition

Integrate ESG goals and targets into employee compensation & year-end reviews